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Core technology

Perovskite X chalco-Pyrite

<Lightweight and Flexible>
Among minerals, a type of perovskite and a type of chalcopyrite enable lightweight, flexible, thin-film solar cells, since even thin-films as thin as 1/100th of a human hair can absorb enough sunlight.

<High efficiency>
Perovskite, which has superior performance for visible light, and chalcopyrite, which has superior performance for infrared light, are the most efficient combination of materials in existence in terms of the widest range of wavelengths, so high efficiency more than 30% can be expected from their tandem use.

<High productivity and Durability>
Chalcopyrite technology, which has already been applied to gigawatt-scale mass production and has been installed in various environments around the world, can be applied to perovskite to achieve high productivity and durability.

The perovskite and chalcopyrite we use are common materials, and they use only a small amount of materials due to thin-film. No organic solvents are required. The energy used for production is less than half that of conventional solar panels, making it an environmentally friendly technology.

PXP realizes lightweight and flexible thin-film tandem solar panels that can be used anywhere.

Photovoltaics X Power electronics

Since solar energy fluctuates moment by moment depending on the morning and evening, the weather, and shadows, it must be combined with storage devices in order to use it stably at all times. Integration with power supply devices also enables us to use it freely.

PXP realizes clean energy that can be freely used by anyone, anywhere and anytime, through the thin-film device technology for lightweight-flexible integrated devices with power generation, storage, and power supply.

Power supply X Paradigm shift

The sun provides an inexhaustible supply of clean energy free of charge, and about 1000 TW, which is about 55 times the energy used by humans, is available on the ground. Essentially, energy is not something that is tied to a grid, but something that everyone can use freely and equally.

With the power of technology, PXP creates clean solar energy that can be used freely by anyone, anywhere and anytime.