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Flexible solar cell

Even when laid out on a square meter, it weighs less than an apple, a mere 250 grams.

Flexible, thinner than a hair, a mere 0.05 mm thick.

Due to the metal foil, it is resistant to impact and vibration.

Flexible solar panel

Less than 1/10th the weight of conventional solar panels.
Even when sealed to tolerate the severe outdoor environment, 1 square meter weighs only 800 grams.

Only 0.4mm thick, making it flexible to bend and fit curved surfaces.
Power generation even while bending.

Highly resistant to impact and vibration, eliminating the need for thick, heavy tempered glass.

<Chic appearance>
Eliminates the wide silver lines found on conventional solar panels, resulting in a chic black appearance.

<Free size>
Unit cells 4 cm wide and 4~16 cm long can be freely combined to any desired size.

<Robust against shadows>
Built-in bypass diode enables power generation even in partial shadows.
(Introduction for partial shadow effects by Photovoltaics University)